​Third Act Sales Consulting

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Craig Aderhold 
Market President at Wisconsin Bank and Trust 

"As the Head of Commercial Banking for Wisconsin Bank and Trust I need a trusted advisor/sales management coach to up my game. Ned serves that role expertly. We visit via phone at least two times a month and tackle sales/sales management issues. These topics have ranged widely from negotiating skill development to dealing with under-performing relationship managers to "coaching the coaches" (commercial team leads). Ned is always up to the task asking tough, probing questions and challenging my thought pattern. We have never completed a session without Ned sending me off with at least 3 key takeaways. I highly recommend Ned for your bank's commercial coaching needs." 

Steve Krawick 
President and Chief Investment Officer at West Chester Capital Advisors, Inc. 

"I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Ned for a number of years. He is a consummate professional who provides value added, bottom line enhancing guidance and supervision. Any organization or individual seeking to achieve greatness should seek Ned’s services. I have encountered many consultants since entering the world of professional money management over 33 years ago. I can adamantly and unequivocally claim that Ned Miller is “Best in Class”! 

Kelly Grefe 
VP—Northwest Bank, Expert in Positioning Businesses to Succeed + Balance Sheet Advisor + Capital Lender + Real Estate Lender 

"Ned’s approach to banking and bank sales leaders is always spot on. He invokes the core practices that we have all heard of but has the ability to break them down and gear them towards relationship mangers and their managers. The pre-work is insightful and puts the RM in the right frame of mind when they arrive at the sessions. I would recommend Ned to anyone who is looking to get more out of their teams."  

Kelly Condon 
SVP - Director of Market Development at Sunflower Bank, N.A. 

"Ned is a true professional who understands the challenges in Banking but also business. He has made an impact on my bankers in their preparation for calls, questions that they ask and how to close new business. If you are a banking Sales Manager, Ned is your guy!" 

Sarah Butcher 
Community Banking Executive at Synovus Bank 

"I recently completed an individual sales management training program with Ned Miller and I highly recommend him! He took a personal interest in my management role and always contributed valuable insights, sent me research on topics that interested me, and connected me to others within the banking community. His coaching was invaluable and truly improved my management philosophy." 

Mark Augustyn 
West Region President - Senior Lender at Mercantile Bank of Michigan 

"I have had the privilege of getting to know Ned over the past 5+ years and find him to be a GREAT resource to me and our bank. His insight into the banking world is very deep but also is very focused and directly applicable. Our organization has benefited from Ned’s experience and coaching through in person day long training sessions, podcasts, written articles and short videos. I find his approach to be direct and useful. Over the years I have sent Ned both ideas for topics as well as questions seeking his insight and he has received them both with a willingness to help. Great coach!" 

Brendan C. Morse

CTP, SVP, Treasury Management Manager at Citywide Banks (a Heartland Financial USA, Inc. member bank) 

"I recently worked with Ned Miller on developing a ‘sales coaching’ skill set for my Treasury Management Sales Team. Ned’s professional approach is very effective. Not only does he share best practices and practical guidance but he also provides a framework for successful selling. I highly recommend Ned as a trusted advisor."