Executive Coaching
Top Performers are always looking to up their game. Ned can work with individual clients and teams at the same time. The objectives for the coaching are customized to each individual and may include communication skills, recruiting, talent development, and holding people accountable. Each engagement is on a retainer base and is contracted for 6-12 months.

"About eight months ago I was promoted to the head of the commercial loan department at a $750MM financial institution. While excited and motivated to move forward in my new capacity, it also became clear that I was not as well equipped as I had thought when facing some of the administrative challenges that I began to encounter. I had the good fortune that my employer recommended working with a coach named Ned Miller. I work with Ned two times per month and the interactions are priceless." 

"I have the opportunity to discuss challenges, difficulties and opportunities that I face in my new role. Ned is very familiar with sales managers in the banking profession and provides very insightful observations and recommendations.

"Ned also provides a wealth of materials and resources that I find very helpful in my development. I highly recommend Ned as a coach to anyone in the sales management space and truly appreciate the positive impact he has had on my career." 


Dennis Roop 
Sr. Vice President at Illinois Bank & Trust (retired) 

Team Building Workshops
Proper planning is the key to generating results. You have to bridge the gap between where you currently and what you would like to accomplish in the future. The outcomes of each Team Building Workshop are co-designed by the client. Whether the event is held off-site, in-house, or virtually, teams learn to improve communication, direction and commitment. 

"Old Point National Bank has consulted with Ned regarding small business development for several years. His insights and perspectives as it relates to managing the sales process has been instrumental to Old Point's growth in the small business arena." 

The process is simply defined, easy to understand and insures success when the process is followed. His interactions with our Branch Calling Officers, Region Managers and Private Bankers have provided great energy around developing a plan, working the plan and creating opportunities to grow client relationships. It is a pleasure to work with Ned." 

"I would recommend Ned if you recognize the need for sales process management improvement in your organization."

Laura Williams Calvert 
EVP Chief Retail Banking Officer at Old Point National Bank 


​Third Act Sales Consulting

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